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Knock-Knock, Who’s There?

It’s another driveway scam. Have you ever heard any of these “canned” sales pitches before?

“We were in the neighborhood working on another driveway and we have just enough material left over to seal yours?”

“If we don’t get rid of this material it will go bad”

“We are running a special TODAY ONLY (High Pressure Sales Tactics)

“We just paved a driveway up the street and have 50 tons of asphalt left-over” (Really, what competent paving contractor over orders 50 tons of asphalt?)

If anyone comes to your door or you see a driveway seal coating / paving company soliciting your neighbors or elderly, immediately contact your local police department. 90% of these companies are being run as “fly-by-night” operations and will have either outstanding warrants or judgments against them. The police will immediately disperse them from the neighborhood for your safety. Most of these “door knocking” companies are known for either practicing “bait & switch” pricing strategies or even engaging in larceny while you are outside watching the project get done.

Important things to consider:

  • DO NOT EVER contract with any paving, seal coating, roofing or home improvement company that knocks on your door and tells you they have “left over material”.
  • Verify by calling the insurance agent that the company has insurance.
  • DO NOT PAY THEM CASH- You will have no proof or re-course if the project fails.
  • You are NOT REQUIRED by law to pay a contractor in CASH or write a check out to cash or a person’s individual name if the contract you signed was in a company name: (IE: If you signed a contract for ABC Paving & Seal Coating, you are not required to write the check out to Joe Smith)
  • If something seems “out of place” always contact your local police department- that is what your tax dollars pay for. Virtually every town in NJ, PA and DE has a restriction against people soliciting or going door – to – door without a permit.
  • DO NOT SIGN AN ST-8 Form in NJ for driveway seal coating, it is not a capital improvement and you could be subject to fines & penalties by the Division of Taxation. Some seal coating contractors will attempt to get you to fill out and submit an ST-8 form for seal coating to evade having to collect and remit NJ sales tax because they do not have a checking account or are unable to file for a TIN because they have outstanding judgments that will “sweep” their checking accounts.


Ensure a long lasting project by using a company that utilized “Professional Seal Coating” Equipment. Driveway Guardian has the newest fleet of professional seal coating equipment on the market. In order to receive a “top-notch” professional job, ensure that your contractor is using a high quality water-based emulsion with sand and latex. In order to apply a coating application such as this, it is required that you have a cylinder tank with sufficient agitation to blend all of the materials together into a homogeneous mix.

If a contractor is using:

  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • 5 Gallons Buckets
  • A square tank
  • Oval or other odd size tank that would not allow continuous mixing
  • Using a wooden board or pipe to mix the sealer


You will not receive a professional finished product because these systems do not permit sufficient mixing of the product.


This equipment may be coming to your neighborhood soon!


Driveway Paving Scam coming to your neighborhood soon! Here is this Texas paving contractor’s corporate office- a motel in Atlantic City NJ. Why would a contractor from Texas be in New Jersey paving driveways?

Looking at the examples of these different “fly-by-night” companies equipment, would you want any of these companies working on your driveway? What do you think the job would look like when it was complete?

Gilsonite is a naturally occurring asphalt cut back that is used to rejuvenate old, gray, dry, oxidized asphalt. In New Jersey it is not a V.O.C Compliant product and is ILLEGAL to be applied to any asphalt surface. It is purchased from distributors in NJ and DE and then trucked back into NJ and applied to unsuspecting homeowners driveways. They are legal to be used in Pennsylvania and Delaware, however, they offer the homeowner little to no benefit and could even “destroy” your driveway. The disadvantages of gilsonite are listed below:

  • Illegal for sale /application in NJ. Fly-By-Night contractors purchase the material from out of state and then apply it to driveways in NJ. The homeowner themselves could be liable is the E.P.A is notified of their use.
  • Gilsonite can only be applied by spray (See Picture Below) and is an asphalt cut-back which is used to rejuvenate old oxidized asphalt. If it is applied over a driveway which has been sealcoated before it will track into your house.
  • Most contractors due to the high cost of the gilsonite, “dilute” the product with kerosene, paint thinner, toluene etc., all which are petroleum distillates. Besides making your driveway a “bomb ready to ignite” which the volatiles flash out of the product, the petroleum distillates can actually destroy your driveway. REMEMBER: Seal coating is designed to keep these substances out of your asphalt, not penetrate them into it.
  • Gilsonite can be easily recognized because it is “jet black” in color and very shiny like oil based paint. If you notice a contractor going door-to-door trying to sell the application, simply call the police and report them for soliciting without a permit.

buyer4 (1) buyer5

Completed driveway with gilsonite driveway sealer. Notice the sticky, shiny, gooey mess this home owner now has to contend with. Also notice the overspray on the mail box. We call this type of job the: achy-breaky-big-mistakey


This is what a “typical” Gilsonite spray rig looks like so you can identify it if someone with a set up like this comes knocking on your door- Caveat Emptor! Notice the small square tank on the trailer and the little pump system to the right rear of the trailer. This PA contractor with no company name on the side of his truck was set up in a NJ Motel.