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Please refer to the contractor comparison below before selecting the company you are intending to use for your driveway seal coating

Questions: Driveway Guardian Competitors
Has a full time office staff, scheduler, crews and quality control personnel Yes ?
Uses professional driveway seal coating equipment- no buckers, drums or square tanks Yes ?
Licensed and Fully Insured Yes ?
Next day scheduling and same day estimates Yes ?
Uses highest quality raw materials available- all exceeding commercial grade Yes ?
Licensed applicators of Pave-Guard 2001 Hybrid Pavement Sealer Yes NO
Doesn’t utilize “high pressure” sales tactics or “bait & switch” proposals Yes ?
Offers neighborhood discounts to save all neighbors money in a down economy Yes ?
All pavement sealers are applied by brush – NO SPRAYING Yes ?
Full service web site allowing you to learn about the company, consumer protection page, Scheduling and estimate request capabilities and ability to pay your bill online Yes ?
Offers discounts if you are able to measure your driveway Yes ?
Written 1 year warranty Yes ?
Accepts checks or credit card payments- does not demand “Cash” as only payment accepted Yes ?


Whichever company you choose for your project; NEVER contract with any company who knocks on your door soliciting to seal coat your driveway. Reputable and legitimate companies obtain work from a specialized marketing program designed to give the homeowner time to review the company, their website (If they have one), obtain an estimate and thoroughly analyze their buying decision.

Don’t be “conned” into dealing with a “piano man” sales person or slick talking scam artist who just happens to knock on your door and tell you the following:

“We have just enough material left over to seal coat / pave your driveway”
“We are running a special TODAY only”
“If we don’t use this material it will go to waste, so we can save you money if you want to seal / pave your driveway”

My first question would be how does a legitimate, properly managed company over order so much material that you see three people going to every house on the block with the same “canned” sales pitch? What begs the question even more is how bad did the person who’s driveway the company just paved / sealed get ripped off because 50% of their raw materials that were slated for their job are now being auctioned off the highest bidder.

What you will find 9 times out of 10, is that you are not getting a deal, in fact you are paying MORE money than if you obtained an estimate from a legitimate / reputable company. These scam artists are using what they call in sales a “fear of loss” technique to con you into “buying today.” By them doing so, they are controlling the buying experience and by you not being able to obtain a comparable estimate or research the company you are at a great disadvantage and will almost certainly either “grossly overpay” for the services or receive inferior workmanship while the scam artists go door – to – door soliciting for more business from unsuspecting homeowners.

For more information on how these “scams” work, visit our consumer warning page by clicking HERE