The True Residential Driveway Experts


Our Driveway Paving Division provides the following services:

  • Complete tear out and replacement of existing cracked driveways
  • Resurfacing of existing asphalt driveways with crack retardant fabric (2 Year Warranty)
  • Installation of new driveways including base installation
  • Driveway extensions
  • Driveway additions
  • Sunken asphalt repair at the garage or concrete apron
  • Drainage issues corrected
  • Drainage tile

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Comparing asphalt paving proposals? Read the information below thoroughly or you could fall victim to an unscrupulous paving contractor.

  • NEVER do business with any company that knocks on your door and tells you they have “left over asphalt- just enough to pave your driveway.” This is the oldest scam in the book, however, every year thousands of good people in the NJ, PA & DE markets fall victim to this canned sales pitch which leaves them with a driveway paving job which is far below the industry standard and even in some cases severely overpaying for what they think is a “too good to be true deal of the day.” NO REPUTABLE contractor ever has any more than 2 tons of asphalt left over (Not even enough to pave a 1-car driveway) after paving a customer’s driveway. If they actually do have 30+ tons of asphalt left over, think of the poor person before you who just got cheated out of the material. These scam artists leave their place of business (usually a motel or trailer park) every morning with no work scheduled and go from neighborhood to neighborhood knocking on doors hustling work with the same scam. Most of the time an unsuspecting homeowner who thinks they are getting a bargain actually pays 2 – 3 times more than a reputable contractor would charge because they succumb to high pressure sales tactics, and to add insult to injury, the work 99% of the time is sub-standard.
  • Beware of typical “Bait & Switch” Pricing Tactics: If a contractor quotes you a price that is high and you balk and then they immediately drop it $1,000.00 +, throw them off your property. We witnessed one scam in 2009 where a Texas paving contractor was working in the NJ area running his business from a motel. We had potential clients calling us for a comparable quote telling us this company was charging four times what we and other reputable contractors had quoted for their driveway. To make matters worse, this contractor had already paved almost every driveway in the homeowner’s neighborhood at the higher price. A month later the driveways were starting to show signs of cracking, rutting, grass growing through the asphalt etc. No reputable contractor could afford to immediately drop their price that low, if they are quoting you a very high price and then dropping it, they have every intention of ripping you off before the contract is ever signed.
  • Never give a paving contractor cash, write a check out to their personal name or give a deposit that is more than 1/3 of the cost of the contract: If you do this, the contractor is likely to cash the check in his/her personal name, keep the cash deposit and never return to complete the work or “string you out” on scheduling the project. We NEVER recommend giving a deposit unless it is on a credit card to protect the consumer. This way if a contractor skips town you can reverse the charges. Here is the issue; we are probably the only reputable paving contractor who accepts credit cards. Fly-by-night contractors do not have checking accounts, business checking accounts etc so they require the check written out to their personal name or require cash so they can immediately cash the check. This is ILLEGAL and they cannot demand this. If you sign a contract that is in a company name, you are not required to write a check out to a person’s personal name or pay with cash.
  • Do not ever agree to a verbal contract or hire a paving contractor with-out a typed proposal:Hand written contracts are not only ambiguous and can be redacted; they may not stand up in court. Any reputable paving contractor should be computer literate and able to provide you with a typed proposal clearly outlining the scope of work, specifications, payment terms and a right to cancel with-in 72 hrs.


Why do we provide you with this information? Some paving contractors will have you believe it is so we can gain an unfair market share; that is incorrect. We provide this information to PROTECT you the consumer from unscrupulous contractors and scam artists that plague this industry. Unlike plumbers, electricians and roofers which require permitting and inspections for their work to make sure it meets the industry standard, paving does not require licensing and inspection on private non-government contracts. An unscrupulous contractor knowing he / she does not have to submit to inspections is free to rip off unsuspecting homeowners with no recourse. Examine your proposals carefully and remember:

“The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a cheap price”