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Are you shopping for a “cheap” price, comparing quotes, calling out of the yellow pages? Did you receive our post card or quotation and call another contractor to see if they can meet / beat our price? If so, BEWARE- sometimes the hardcore bargain hunter can actually outfox themselves.

Every year we quote hundreds of driveways for seal coating. Obviously we don’t have a 100% closing ratio, but we are close to 80%. It never fails - every year we receive phone calls from homeowners who had us quote their driveway 1 – 2 years prior but decided to choose the cheaper contractor. Nine times out of ten they contact us the following year to come and fix the poor workmanship that was left behind always saying the same thing, “We thought we were getting a good deal…”

Allow us to show you first hand why the “good deal” may not be the best value.

Some issues you will experience with accepting the lowest price provider:

  • Poor quality workmanship
  • Spray Application (Our brush application is the equivalent of 4 spray coats)
  • Unprofessionalism & Poor Customer Service
  • Failure to return to correct any deficiencies after the contractor has been paid in full (We have a 1 year written guarantee and will return to correct any deficiencies prior to Winter at NO additional charge)
  • Uninsured (Remember- If a contractors worker gets injured on your property and they do not have insurance, you could be liable)

Here is the quality of the finished product that some homeowners received from the “best deal” going:


Our Competitors 1 year old driveway Spray application


Driveway Guardian 1 year old Brush Application


Looks like they got some sealer on the bricks as well.


Driveway Guardian Professional Workmanship - No sealer splashes on any non-target surfaces


Unsightly over spray on your lawn and street.


Professional workmanship, all sealers applied by Hand – by brush, no overspray.

Don’t trust your driveway to just anyone, leave it to the experts!