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Top 5 Driveway Sealing Companies In Delaware County PA

IMG_7254Over 70% of our business comes from repeat customers.  The other 30% of our business comes from new customers.  Some customers purchasing our services for the first time are naturally inclined to ask us “who are some of our competitors?”

Our company is dedicated to educating homeowners about how to get the best value for their driveway project and elevating our “tarnished” industry. We offer full transparency when a prospective client calls to learn more about our company and the services we offer.

Here is a list of some other companies which provide driveway services in the Delaware & Chester County Market:

  1. Delaware County Sealcoating: Delaware County Sealcoating offers driveway and parking lot sealcoating in the tri-state area. The company is owned by Bill Stradley. They are located in Garnet Valley, PA
  1. All Out Sealcoat: All Out Sealcoat has been in business since 2012 and is owned by Kevin McGarvey and Marco Menna, personal friends of the owner of Driveway Guardian. They work with both residential & commercial clients and are members of the Delaware County Chamber Of Commerce. They are located in Broomall, PA=
  1. Superior Sealcoating: Superior Seal Coating is a pavement maintenance company serving Southeastern Pennsylvania, including Chester County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Montgomery County and surrounding areas. They are located in West Chester, PA
  1. Kane Paving & Sealcoating Inc: Kane Paving & Sealcoating offers sealcoating, paving and concrete work to both residential and commercial customer. They are located in Havertown, PA
  1. J. Scott Paving: J. Scott Paving has been in business since 1995 and provides paving and sealcoating work to both residential and commercial projects. They offer their services throughout the Mainline and Delco Area.  They are the 2013 winners of the Delco Readers Choice Awards.  The company is owned by John Scott.  They are located in Springfield, PA.

So there are 5 companies to consider if you’re getting quotes for your driveway project. As we have stated many times before on this site, the key to a great experience in your driveway project is two-fold:

-The quality of the scope of work and materials

-The contractor performing the work

Hopefully, in your case, both these will be of highest quality and your asphalt / concrete experience will be an exceptional one. As a company that provides a excellent service and the highest quality workmanship in the industry, we do hope to assist you through this process as much as possible to get the most value for your driveway project.

Thank you,

Steven Brahney

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