The True Residential Driveway Experts


YOU as a customer must choose a person or a company to perform work for YOU based on certain criteria. In today’s economy, you simply can’t be too careful about who you allow on your property or who youtrust to actually complete the work that you hire them to do. How can you be sure that the company you choose is going to stand behind what they do?

Only people that CARE about their OWN reputations and have a primary motivation of having satisfied customers can be trusted. After an initial consultation with Driveway Guardian, you will quickly be able to tell Driveway Guardian IS THAT COMPANY.

Why Choose Driveway Guardian for Your Project?

  1. Professional Full Time Support Staff: We have a full time support staff to answer your calls, answer your questions, schedule your project and rectify any of your concerns.
  2. Corporate Support: Driveway Guardian is managed by ( We are not a part time operation of fly-by-night scam which is prevalent in the NJ, PA and DE markets for driveway seal coating.
  3. Insurance: Our company carries workmans compensation, general liability, automobile, umbrella and completed operations insurance in excess of $2,000,000.00. REMEMBER: If you are using an uninsured contractor and they get hurt on your property- you are ultimately responsible and could be sued.
  4. Large Service Radius: Driveway Guardian operates 3 company owned locations to service customers in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. No other company offers more coverage.
  5. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: If for any reason you experience a problem or are not satisfied with your Driveway Guardian application, simply call us before Winter and we will return to correct the issues free of charge.
  6. Exclusive Products: All of our materials are manufactured by a leading national manufacturer to a specific mix design and made for the Driveway Guardian Network exclusively. Our specific mix design is not able to be purchased by any other contractor.
  7. 1 Year “Written” Guarantee: Our pavement sealer is guaranteed not to peel, flake or wear off for 1 year after application. If it does, we will return to touch up the area at no additional charge.
  8. No “Bait & Switch” Price Tactics: Most contractors will use one price to get you to sign the contract and then let you know that other services such as oil spot priming, power grass edging and crack sealing are an additional charge. Rest assured that the price you receive from us is a “solid price” and includes all applicable service we have listed on your proposal.
  9. SAME DAY ESTIMATES / SAME DAY SCHEDULING: We can provide you with same day estimates and same day scheduling if we have a crew in your neighborhood or in the vicinity of it.


There is a defining line between Quality and Workmanship which doesn’t even meet the minimum industry standards.

Here is an example of a Driveway Guardian Sealed Driveway:


This is a true example of our workmanship - nothing less than perfection. Only a distinguishing homeowner would choose Driveway Guardian for a driveway sealing project which highlights this expensive brick paver lined driveway. (All pictures are original and unedited)

Here is an example of workmanship by “not so quality oriented” driveway sealing companies and fly by night companies which were going around knocking on doors.


"OH... you wanted the entire driveway sealed?"


This Picasso sure left his signature on every job, one foot print at a time.


This is a typical driveway seal coating scam. Notice the white plastic tote in the back of the pick up truck they are spraying out of? Put it in terms such as this, as much as this contractor tried to convince unsuspecting homeowners that he was applying a proper mix design with sand and latex, when was the last time you have ever put baking ingredients into a “square” blender and actually had the ingredients mix together?